A New World?


Date : Mar. 28, 2001
Answered by Florian & Martin
Questioned by Young "Anarchist" K.

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- Thank you Florian for agreeing to do this interview. I was so impressed by your second album that this interview is very exciting for me. Would you please say hello to my fellow Korean heavy metal fans?
Florian : Hello! Hm, OK like this? ;-) No, I really like to express that I¡¯m pretty proud to answer an interview for a zine from the other side of the world, I¡¯m absolutely thankful for that. In the beginning, when we started up with ENID, we did not even dream of the possibility to be known in Korea or even in Russia or Italy or something ? but Korea is more than amazing! I hope you Korean metalheads like what we do here in our little Germany¡¦
Martin : Greetings, folks of the dark. I must say that I¢¥m totally impressed by the fact that people in Korea, which is in deed from ENID¢¥s point of view on the other side of the world, hear and like my music. Isn¢¥t that great? Now, thank you for this interview and let¢¥s get started¡¦

- Please introduce yourself.
Florian : Well, my name is Florian, I¡¯m one of the two guys (besides Martin) who founded the project ENID 4 years ago, when we were 17 years old, somewhere in the North-West of Germany. During the last 3 and a half year I took over the function of a ¡®manager¡¯ for the band, I tried to promote it as much as I could, build contacts to various people and finally even succeeded in getting ENID signed to the Austrian label CCP Records in 1998. Since half a year I¡¯m working on the project to develop ENID to a band with a full line-up, so that we¡¯re able to use real guitars and drums on the recordings and have the opportunity to play live. Since a quarter of a year we¡¯re rehearsing with a full line-up, where I take over one of the guitars, at the moment lead guitars.
Martin : My name is Martin Wiese, I come from the deepest depths of the German woods and am known as the main and only composer of ENID¢¥s music. I¢¥m 21 years old and study music in a local university.

- You released a brilliant second album "Abschiedsreigen" a few months ago. How has the response been so far?
Florian : Thanks for the compliment, even if I¡¯m not the person who deserves it.
As far as I can judge (and that is not too far) the response was pretty pleasant. Of course there are always some negative reviews or opinions, just because of the fact that ENID is not the band that is easiest to understand or to like. It¡¯s pretty independent music, hard to comprehend sometimes, but definitely with a high demand on the listener. Those people who did invest more time than one hour to listen to the album once had a highly positive impression of the album, that¡¯s what I saw. I¡¯ve to admit that due to various reasons I could not read more than 8 or ten reviews of the album all in all, which is actually not too much. We¡¯ve answered as many interviews as that by the way.
To sum it up: at least I am pretty satisfied with the outcome of the reactions, and I¡¯m absolutely sure that it will be much better with the next release, because most people still criticize the strange sound of ENID (due to the fact that we always had to use synthetic guitars for example), that has changed to a more natural, homegenious one now.

- When I reviewed your second album in my own country, I said that "Enid built itself not just as a black metal band but as a fantasy metal band equally like Summoning. This is a brand new style!!!" Do you agree with this opinion?
Martin : Yes, you¢¥re quite right. ENID was founded to just pay hommage to SUMMONING and with no exact aim to develop anything from it. But after the first demo ¡°Enid¡± was reviewed enthusiastically in the metal press, we decided to work on something own and on quite a new style. ¡°Abschiedsreigen¡± is from my point of view the first unique and really ENID-style album.

- As you admit, your first album was obviously under the affection of Summoning. But this time, it seems that you¡¯ve totally developed your own way and it¡¯s definitely an original sound. I think you took some elements from Summoning, to start something new, as a result, it sounded different from what you had done before. Was that your main goal?
Martin : My main goal was to make the music more various in tempo, structure and instrumentation. This was meant to be one important aspect ENID should be connected to. The second goal was to improve the sound, which was on ¡°Nachtgedanken¡± not really the best kind. The sound of ¡°Abschiedsreigen¡± becomes more dynamic, whereto the real-drumming of Moritz Neuner from Innsbruck/Austria (who also plays in DornenReich, Abigor, Korovakill and various other bands) puts an important mass of quality.

- Besides Summoning, are there any other musicians who influenced Enid?
Martin : No, definitely not. Of course, even if you have no styles or bands who directly influence your music, you are influenced without thinking of, for example by any sort of music you listen to during every-day-life. Classical music I naturally get in contact with very often is only one example. So I think a certain sort of music is never product of one special influence but always a mixture of individual thoughts, moods, experiences, etc¡¦

- Considering Enid is a German band, it seems that Enid is quite isolated from general German heavy metal music originating from German thrash metal. What are your thoughts on this?
Florian : On German Thrash metal or on the fact that we¡¯re isolated from it? To the first one: I¡¯m pretty young and I haven¡¯t been into that music (or music in general) when Thrash metal was on its height, and not even later actually. All the ¡®old veterans¡¯ are not my cup of tea, I better like the first Black Metal albums from Norway or Sweden then, my faves are even from other countries and other styles mostly.
About the fact that we don¡¯t have to do anything with the common German Heavy Metal scene ? if you listen to the music that¡¯s pretty obvious: Martin as the main composer dislikes most of the Metal music, except for three or four bands maybe that are interesting for him. Thrash and all the other ¡®pure¡¯ Metal styles do not offer an ¡®artistic¡¯ background, it¡¯s mainly music to drink a beer and bang your head to, and that is not what we¡¯re into nor ENID is about. I think I can say, without sounding arrogant, that Martin and ENID are aiming on higher artistic goals than most Heavy Metal bands have ever done or do at the moment. I feel respect for the music those bands play, it¡¯s very honest and nostalgic music most of the time, but it doesn¡¯t deliver the feeling I¡¯m actually striving for.
Martin : That is a point I didn¢¥t ever think of. We do not make heavy metal and we don¢¥t perform thrash metal. From this point of argumentation we in fact should be isolated from those styles for not to mix up our style and to split up our fan-group. ENID performs Fantasy-Metal and it is right that we are making music for a rather small group of interested people but I¢¥ve never felt isolated since I started to create such music.

- The key that makes Enid so special may be your unlimited imagination. Actually each song has complicated textures. I guess you had many ideas before entering into the studio and then blended them. It sounded like the mixture of a few different songs.
Martin : I must say that when I entered the studio, all ideas had been rushed into the songs already. The most important problems had been the drums and their sound, which I wanted to sound quite natural. I must say that ENID¢¥s music gets most of its charme in my home-recording studio just in that point of time when I compose it. The sound is important, but is only a secondary medium of developing the intention of the music. Sound only cannot improve the quality of music only its appearance.
A mixture of different songs? Hm, compared to ¡°Nachtgedanken¡±, may be. As I¢¥ve already said, the songs on ¡°Abschiedsreigen¡± have become more complex and various. One result is that there appear more melodies or ideas and fragments in one song, which in former times would have become two different songs.

- Another trademark of Enid is a fantastic atmosphere. How is fantasy important to Enid music?
Martin : Fantasy is ENID and ENID is fantasy. Some things are that easy to put. But it¡¯s true, I understand ENID¢¥s music as fantasy-music and to create a fantasy-atmosphere.

- What¡¯s the meaning of ¡°Abschiedsreigen¡± and what¡¯s the concept of the whole album?
Martin : ¡°Abschiedsreigen¡± means something like ¡°round dance of farewell¡± and the story goes round an old man who looks while lying in death-bed back on his entire life. During eight chapters he dreams the most important stations of his life which enlight the problems of this life.

- Speaking about the lyrics, you¡¯ve done them in two different languages. I¡¯m curious as to why?
Martin : I¢¥m fascinated by expressing myself in two different ways of speech. English and German are totally different in sound. German is rich in consonants and has other qualities than the vowel- and soundrich English tongue. To the concept of ¡°Abschiedreigen¡± are the two different options of description and expression a perfect possibility to show the conflict in the life of the old man.

- Personally I have to say your last track ¡°Whispering of good-bye¡± is one of my favourite songs. This is the greatest metal ¡°ballad¡± that I¡¯ve heard recently. Would you please comment on that song for me like theme, feeling, etc...?
Martin : Yes, this last track of ¡°Abschiedsreigen¡± is the most emotional one. Without any guitars and shrieking vocals, just with clean vocs and orchestral sounds a life¢¥s end is described. The old man sees his upcoming end and he sinks down in sadness and melancholy. I think, a fitting end for a story like the one I¢¥ve chosen for ¡°Abschiedsreigen¡±.

- Actually I don¡¯t know much about your label CCP Records. Would you please tell me about them? And how you made a deal with this label?
Florian : As I¡¯ve written before, the label is from Austria and probably the second bigger (metal) label in their country, besides Napalm Records, which is much bigger by the way. As far as I know it¡¯s a pretty traditional label, but unfortunately they did never manage to sign a really successful band. For example DornenReich released their first two albums via that label but left them some time ago due to reason I don¡¯t like to talk about in that interview. I dare to say that CCP could become a bigger and more respected label if they managed to work a bit more enthusiastically and with more passion for the music, which I miss a bit.
When we signed the contract with CCP, they were the only label to offer us the release of our first album ¡®Nachtgedanken¡¯, so we took the chance and signed with them. We had some more or less serious problems after ¡®Nachtgedanken¡¯, especially I was not 100% satisfied with their promotional work and dedication ? but everything was solved later, so Martin went to their own studio in Austria to record the recent album ¡®Abschiedsreigen¡¯. Well, we¡¯ll see what the future hides for us¡¦

- It is very hard to get your albums outside Europe. Do you have any complaints on distribution?
Florian : Do I really have to say something about that point? The fact that you complain about it is surely enough, isn¡¯t it? On the other side, you can¡¯t really demand a perfect worldwide distribution from every label, it¡¯s really not easy to manage that. Nevertheless, it¡¯s a pity that it¡¯s so hard to get outside Europe of course.

- According to your homepage, you will be in charge of playing the guitar on the next album. That¡¯s quite interesting. To be frank with you, I¡¯ve wondered what your real job is in Enid even though I understood what you had done. Would you give me more information on that? Florian : Uh¡¦ as I said, the first 42 months of ENID¡¯s existence I did not play an instrument nor composed any music for ENID, that was all done by Martin due to the mere fact that I was not able to play guitar back then. I never really tried, to be honest, and I did not have the money. So I did everything besides the artistic side of ENID and tried to bring forth what Martin had written and recorded. As it was actually my idea to found the project, I think it¡¯s only fair that I can be considered as a member of ENID.
In the meantime I am able to play guitar, and I will not only take over that on the next recording, but later on and for gigs as well. I¡¯m pretty happy to be a ¡®full¡¯ member with musical duties now, as you can imagine¡¦

- Please tell me about your upcoming mini LP. Is it available only on the vinyl version?
Florian : Yes, absolutely. The mini LP is called ¡®Der Tag zur Nacht sich senkt¡¦¡¯ (the day sinks down into the night¡¦) and features a newly arranged folky introduction with vocals on track 1, a cover of MAYHEM¡¯s ¡®Deathcrush¡¯ in typical ENID style (Yeah! You¡¯ll find our addresses on the website, just in case you like to send bombs!), and on tracks 2 and 3 two songs that have been recorded in late 1997 by Martin. Originally they had been composed for a 7¡¯¡¯ EP that was never released, due to the unability of the label that was meant to do the release. After 3 years a friend of ours, Alex of the German KetzerDistribution, told me that he really likes the material and intends to finally publish it. We agreed of course, and as the two main songs are even too long for 7 inches, we decided to add the intro and the cover to get a full 10¡¯¡¯ mini LP. So, it will be finished and ready for release and April hopefully, limited to 500 copies, handnumbered and in red/black marmoured vinyl. Really a beautiful collector¡¯s piece.

- Do you have any religion or ideology? What¡¯s your personal philosophy?
Florian : I often thought I had found my philosophy or ideology. In fact it often changes again, because of various influences on me, so I prefer to not say anything definite. What is sure is: I¡¯m not into one of the ¡®big¡¯ religions, not into Heathen ones totally, not into Satanism or anything. There are interesting aspects in all of them, but none is complete.
I do believe in an ¡®all-ruling power¡¯, be it whatever it likes to be. Probably that is what the religions call ¡®god¡¯, I just believe that it is a force within nature. It¡¯s nearly proved that nature owns a certain ¡®intelligence¡¯ to balance to damages mankind did to her. That is an interesting point, don¡¯t you think so?! Mankind is so damn little and without any importance, why do they think they may rule everything, even nature?! We¡¯ve only deserved to be erased from the face of earth, at least most of us. That is the main aspect of my ideology, to be always aware of your unimportance for the destiny of earth. It doesn¡¯t mean you don¡¯t have to care about anything, but it suggests you not to take yourself too important, too wise. To find personal ¡®peace¡¯, something like a balance with nature, the original aspects of the human kind as well, the aspects who deserve attention, to be satisfied with the role you can play. It¡¯s nevertheless important to find this role, it¡¯s no excuse for laziness.
My quest is to understand and accept how I am, and to arrange with it in knowledge of the decline surrounding me.
Martin : I have no religion or ideology in the way of ones created by mankind. Religions as well as ideologies are the most dangerous things existing between the human beings. My personal philosophy is connected to nature. Nature is everything. Nature did bear me and will take me away one day, I definitely won¢¥t resurrect and drive home towards heaven, and my soul won¢¥t drive to any other holy place whereever it may be.

- Where is Enid aiming to get as a band musically and ideologically?
Florian : Musically I hope we¡¯re going to be much tighter now as band, more focussed on guitars and with riper structures. As Martin will remain the composer, it¡¯s very likely that the style itself won¡¯t change too much. The next step is to re-record the three main songs from our ¡¯97 ¡®Enid¡¯-demo, together with a new song for a mini CD, that will be released somewhere in Autumn hopefully. We¡¯re rehearsing hard on it, as it will be the turning point for the development of ENID, and will show the direction we¡¯re heading into. Later afterwards, we¡¯ll see how the third album will sound like, it¡¯s better not to say anything definite.
Lyrically I plan to work out something that shows the main charateristics of a special kind of character I admire very much, about the difficult relation to the world and to other characters. Maybe a friend of mine is going to help me out, and probably Martin will add something as well. As all that lies in the far-away future, I have to say that it is more a dream than a concrete project at the moment.
Martin : Musically my aim is to never have an exact aim but to let imagination flow freely for to let new ideas and possibilities sound in ENID`s tracks of the future. Of course ENID will always perform Fantasy Music. But everything this music will offer, I¢¥m trying to realize in the future.

- I want to know new members of Enid in detail.
Florian : Alright, no problem. The first new member of ENID was Tarak, a great friend of mine who started to play bass when we looked for a bass player and singer. He¡¯s a very dedicated person, extremely talented in both playing bass and shrieking, and absolutely an admirable character. Considering he¡¯s pretty young, only 19, he probably has a great future in the band.
Tarak brought up the idea to introduce a friend of his, ¡®C. P.¡¯, on rhythm guitar. He¡¯s 19 as well, but doesn¡¯t have too much experience on his instrument yet. Though, he develops quite.
Finally, S.S. on drums, 19 as well, called me due to some lines in a magazine, where I sought for drummer. We tested him, played a few times together, and taken in mind that he has only played in some local little bands before, he¡¯s really good. I have to say that he learns very fastly and is a totally talented guy, we can really be lucky to¡¯ve found him (not only because we¡¯re rehearsing at his place, haha!).
- I heard that you employed new vocalist. Won¡¯t you sing anymore on the next album?
Martin : I won¢¥t screech any more, right, because I think that won¢¥t support my classical vocal-studies. But I still continue in singing the clean- and choir-parts, of course!

- What are your future plans such as tours, recording, etc....?
Martin : The only thing which is really sure (or should be really sure) is the new ENID-release in April 2001. A Mini-LP will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies. Furthermore there are plans for a Mini-CD with old material played with our new line-up and of performing our stuff live in the future.

- Do you have any comrades you would recommend in your metal scene?
Florian : Our German metal scene? Hm, of course we have some pretty well-known ones, but also a lot of bands nearly nobody outside Germany has ever heard of. The bands or projects I like most in Germany are FALKENBACH, RIMMERSGARD (demo-band!), MAYHEMIC TRUTH (a pity they decided to split up¡¦), LUNAR AURORA¡¦ some more excellent, partly unsigned, bands are SECRETS OF THE MOON, OBSIDIAN GATE, DRACONIS SANGUIS or NOCTURNAL DESIRE for example. Even better bands come from our Austrian neighbour country, my faves SUMMONING, DORNENREICH and KOROVAKILL, to name a few. Really fantastic artists with own visions, both in mind and music. I really appreciate that you know...

- As I heard, OBSIDIAN GATE already signed with one label, didn't it?
Florian : Obsidian Gate have signed to Skaldic Art, which is the label of the man who's doing Falkenbach, that's right. Also Furthest Shore, Rivendell, Vindsval and especially a Dutch band called ORDO DRACONIS have signed with them. I would be really lucky if you could have a look on their website www.ordodraconis.com, maybe you're also interested in an interview. They're playing some kind of "progressive" BM, a bit like Arcturus maybe, pretty technical yet with lots of keyboards...

- Have you ever heard about the Korean metal scene? What¡¯s your opinion of the today¡¯s metal scene all around the world?
Florian : That is a hard question ? to be honest I can¡¯t remember to have listened to a band from Korea ever. You can imagine that it is even harder to get Korean stuff here in Germany than German stuff in Korea, because probably your distributions are not that wide-spreading. Before I start to tell something I don¡¯t have a clue about, I better shut up.
The metal scene all around the world¡¦ huh, what can I say? For me it is a fact that I don¡¯t like most of the stuff that is released today, it doesn¡¯t matter if it¡¯s from Germany or Greece or Brasil. It¡¯s all so unoriginal, unindependent, boring, copy-cats whereever you look, people doing music without any artistic vision. Even Norway and Sweden have become common scenes, especially Sweden with all that melodic ¡°Death-Metal¡±-stuff. There are still some bands bringing forth the original spirit of the music, rebellion, artistic freedom ? it¡¯s more than interesting that still the same persons like a few years ago are active in a morphous music scene, like Emperor, Zyklon, Thorns, Arcturus, Satyricon and also Mayhem, even if I don¡¯t like their latest album. These persons transport what I can support: don¡¯t let yourself restrict by borders somebody intends to build for you.
Martin : No, I didn¢¥t hear of a Korean metal scene since the day a Korean fan wrote some lines into the guestbook of our homepage. Big surprise, really!

- Do you have any final comments to your fans in Korea?
Florian : I hope we still have some fans in Korea after my answers, haha! What can I say, the same as always, I can only say what I believe: you should really have a listen to our last album ¡®Abschiedsreigen¡¯ and all the other releases, it¡¯s really worth to do it. Furthermore, go and see www.enid.tsx.org! Thanks for your attention and for reading this interview. Thanks to Anarchist for doing it!
Martin : Stay how you are and keep listening to ENID. It would make the day a bit more¡¦ fantastic¡¦?!