A New World?


Date : Apr. 21, 2001
Answered by Tuomas
Questioned by Young "Anarchist" K.

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- I would like to thank you very much Jussi for agreeing to do this interview. Please introduce yourself and say hello to Korean metal fans. Well your welcome..Only, questions answered by Tuomas not Jussi.. Well..I`m 21 years old, into music movies, literature and drinking booze..Check www.faerghail.net for some photos and info..HELL-O to Korean brothers and sisters of METAL!

- FAERGHAIL is still unknown in Korea. Would you tell me about your biography and the rest of the band members?
Hmmm..We are propably unknown everywhere! :) ..but we are working on it! Faerghail was formed summer `95 releases:"IN dreamful supremacy"-promo,"Dark Oceans Calm"-cass ep(Dark moon prod), "Horizon`s Fall"-cd(Shiver recs),"Blood will follow blood"-mcd(Northern sound ecs),"Where angels dwell no more"-cd(LSP-company)..
Former members Kai Lehtinen,guitar, currently in Forever Winter, Tomi Kangassalo, drums, currently Trucking!
Current line-up:
Jussi Ranta: Vocals & synth, Into extreme sports, piercing and tattoos etc..
Tuomas Murtojarvi: Guitars, for more info see question 1
Petri Moisio: Guitars & Bass, music, motor sports..
Pekka Koponen: Drums, Pekka is a chef..Into Food,booze and billiards

- This is already my third interview with a Finnish act. This means that nowadays the Finnish metal acts are very popular around the world. What do you think of the current Finnish metal scene today?
I guess it`s quite good..I haven`t followed any metal scene in the past few years..

- You just released the second album "Where angels dwell no more". How has the response been so far?
Hmmm..Some positive and some negative..I`m not a big fan of the "Where angels dwell..."-cd myself..I think our "Blood will follow blood"-mcd is by far our best release so far!

- It seems that your releases are always delayed. I've heard that your latest album should have been released early last year. Above all, your label is not Shiver records who was supposed to release your second album. Would you tell me what the problem was between FAERGHAIL and your label?
The Problem has mainly been our record label..ex-Shiver records, nowadays the Last Shivering Planet-company..Hans (labels boss) has made a lot of empty promises..I don`t know exactly why it has taken so long with the releases..and frankly I don`t care anymore..Atleast they`re out..

- Would you classify your music as Death metal or something else?
I don`t like categorizing, but I guess it`s just dark and melodic metal with black and heavy influences..

- Your second album sounds quite different from the previous album. Frankly I prefer the first album "Horizon's fall" to the second one. As a fan, I would like to know what your main goal was for the second album "Where angels dwell no more". I meant what you wanted to put into this album musically and lyrically.
Yeah They are quite different..Horizon`s fall was a bit more blackmetal influenced..The changes weren`t that thought out, that was just the direction we started to evolve to.."Blood will follow blood" is also different from the other releases..

- I really felt the vein of 80's British heavy metal or thrash metal in "Where angels dwell no more" especially in the guitar riffs. Do you have a kind of nostalgia for those times?
No, not really..I`ve listened to the old bands of course, but nowadays I`m more into bands like Emperor,Katatonia etc..more modern sounds..

- Would you tell me why a member left?
I guess Kai didn`t like the musical direction we were evolving into..He wanted to make it more like old heavy/rock, I guess..Tomi left the band due to lack of time.

- Who is the main writer/composer and where does he get his inspiration from?
On "Where angels dwell no more" Tomi made most of the lyrics and myself and Jussi MOST of the music.. On "Blood will follow blood" Jussi made lyrics for three songs I for One song..I made most of the music but Jussi contributed a lot too.. Petri and Pekka brought some ideas to cover the cake..

- Your homepage has not been updated for a long time. Did you change your home address?
Yeah..New pages at WWW.FAERGHAIL.NET!!!

- Often, when a band changes its music style, it will change its name as well. However, you have kept the name FAERGHAIL since you first played melodic metal. What does FAERGHAIL mean and why did you choose it?
Tomi came up with Faerghail..I don`t know why..It means a cursed land or something like that..I think were still searching for our own definitive style! We are a young band and are constantly learning more and evolving..We`ll see what the end results will be like..If it`s metal, it`s still Faerghail, no reason for namechange..

- Where is FAERGHAIL aiming to get as a band musically and lyrically?
I`m usually quite critical, so I guess my aim is to make an album that I can be satisfied with..Musically were trying to make metal that sounds good to ourselves and lyrically just exploring topics like war and grief.

- What kind of music do you usually listen to and what’s your favorite album?
The other guys in the band listen mainly to metal, But I have quite wide musical taste..I listen to blues,jazz,rock,funk,classical,pop,metal..anything that sounds good to me!!! Current fave albums: 1.Katatonia:"Last fair deal gone down" 2.Braveheart-soundtrack 3.Cmx:"Vainajala"

- Do you have any bands what you want to recommend in the Finnish underground metal scene?
Well I like Finntroll quite a lot..

- Do you have any personal religion or philosophy? Please tell me yours in detail.
I don`t have any spesific beliefs..I`m just trying to live a life worth living.. Life is sometimes such a struggle..

- What are your future plans?
Composing and rehearsing new songs for our next album..

- Any final comments?
Thanks for the interview..I know the answers are quite short, but I am fucking tired at the moment so... check out www.faerghail.net for all the necessary info, if interested!

- Thank you for taking your time.