Date : Feb. 20. 2005
Answered by Herr Morbid
Questioned by Young "Anarchist" K.

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- At first, thank you very much Herr Morbid for agreeing to do this interview. Please say hello to Korean Metalheads or say something what you want for the first time.
Hello. Nice to see there are Korean fans for FT.

- Would you Introduce yourself and the rest of the band.(age, hobby... etc).
I seriously doubt someone could be interested in our personal life-shit, by the way I'm 24, Razor SK is 21, Algol is 25 and Asher is 26. I don't have any hobby. I don't know about the hobbies of the other guys, btw I guess they don't have any particular hobbies besides playing with bands. We like to drink and smoke cigarettes. I like travelling. Life is not really exciting out here, so the only moments when I still feel alive is when I'm out of Italy touring with the band or meeting people around the world.

- How or why did you start FORGOTTEN TOMB as a black metal band? In other words, what do you want to get from being with FORGOTTEN TOMB?
There's a biography on the website. I started FT to express my inner feelings and dark emotions. Music evolves year after year, so I don't really know if I can talk about Black Metal for FT. The only time the band was really "Black Metal" was on the first MCD "Obscura Arcana Mortis". Then FT turned into its own style of Depressive Dark Metal. We released 3 albums where the red-line is misery and paranoia, musically speaking we always try to add some new element with every album. What I currently want with FT is to keep on playing in a honest way the emotional music I like to play and hopefully someday finally start living off my music, since it's the only thing I'm able to do in life.

- I think the most important motive for FORGOTTEN TOMB is Negativity and Depression. And I guess it may be you who is filled with those feelings. Don't you mind if I ask why you're so negative and depressed? What are you against?
Life has never been fair and beautiful for me, I'm not a lucky person and everytime I try to get my life to an higher level everything falls down due to absurd things happening. Music probably is the only thing I managed to keep doing in a good way, I guess because it's the expression of Negativity, and I'm doomed to experience just Negativity in my life. I bet if you could walk in my shoes for just 1 year you would understand why I'm so negative and depressed. It's not a pose, I don't care about appearing in a certain way. And I'm not a weak person, but you can't live your whole life fighting against something you can't win. It's pathetic and frustrating. I know many people who failed on many things in their life, and they just keep on living saying they don't care, well it's not my way of life, I think is a lie when people say life is always worth living. I'll say life is worth living when I'll have a good reason for, currently I don't know what's going on, so I'm just surviving.

- Why did you choose Suicidal Theme in your music? Have you ever really thought about killing yourself?
If I was not thinking about it, I was not choosing to talk about it in lyrics. At a current stage I really don't feel like arguing about suicide with people.

- Though FORGOTTEN TOMB that was created in 1999 is quite young band, I think, it has already released 3 of full-length albums and a EP. Etc So you must be prolific in writing material. I'm quite surprised at your astonishing creativity. How could you do these works? Do you always hold your guitar? Do you have a special inspiration from your surroundings?
I don't write music very often, but when I'm inspired I can write a 10 minutes-long song in just one night. Industrial and urban surroundings are inspiring, as well as the awful rainy and cold weather we have for 3/4 of the year, but my inspiration comes from my own life and negative experiences.

- Do you have any friendly relationship with other bands in Italy or Europe? Please name it and tell me how much do they influence you?
There are some bands/people in Italy, Europe and USA that I consider "friends". In Italy I could name Spite Extreme Wing, Sacradis, Hiems, Enthroning Silence, Beatrik, Malasangre. In Europe Bunkur, Planet AIDS, Fluisterwoud, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and a few others. In USA maybe Krohm and Xasthur. I'm not influenced by any band.

- About the new album Love's Burial Ground, the track 1, 5, 9 (Malus Vivendi pt. I, II, III) were composed by Swedish musician Nordvargr. How did it come out? Has he played in any other tracks and played gig with other members?
I've always been a fan of MZ412 and Nordvargr's bands, and he likes FT a lot, so we decided to do this collaboration. As simple as that. Now he became an actual member of the band.

- In my personal opinion about new album Love's Burial Ground, the result of sound production is less aggressive and less destructive than the previous 2 albums. Rough and Raw touch has almost gone in this album. But its sound has way darker and moodier feelings as well. Is that your intention or my misunderstanding?
Don't know, I guess is a matter of personal tastes. I think the production on "Love's..." is really good. We wanted the album to sound really clear and powerful, I don't like much raw productions, or at least I don't think a raw production would fit our music, since we need atmosphere.

- Love's Burial Ground is the first album that was recorded with full time members. How was it? As I know, you made e very single line of all instruments. Is there no complication or conflict in the studio?
No problems with the guys, we are great friends, they're good musicians and they perfectly know how FT has to sound. We're 4 people but we think in the same way about the band. Everyone made his own good job in the studio and live too.

- Are you totally satisfied with the end result of your new album and how has the response been so far in Europe and worldwide?
I'm completely satisfied with the result, and the response from fans and press has been very good, as well as sellings (for an underground release).

- I think you might have been offered good deal from quite many labels all over the place. Why did you choose not Italian lable but French lable Adipocere? And why did you break up relationship with Swedish lable Selbstmord?
There are no italian labels we're interested in, and italian labels are not interested in us. Adipocere made a good work for us. I broke with Selbstmord for several reasons, both related to attitude and merely contractual reasons. From my side, they were completely unreliable people and I've never been payed for the stuff I released on their label. I'm not surprised the label closed and there are a lot of people pissed off at them since they ripped off the whole world.

- Some people believe that black metal should be related with Satanism. How do you define black metal?
I don't care about how Black Metal has to be defined. I've been in the movement for a quite long time both as listener and musician, and even if I still like the music I don't care at all about people stressing themselves with the supposedly "true" concept of Black Metal and all this childish shit. I'm bored and tired. Our next album won't have nothing to do with Black Metal, and at a current stage, I honestly don't give a fuck if people will say we're "betraying the black flame cult" and all these pathetic 16-years old bullshit.

- If you believe or not, FORGOTTEN TOMB is quite better-known band than any other extreme metal bands in Korean Extreme Metal Scene in my guess. (Actually it's not that big scene) Have you ever gotten fan mails from S. Korea before? And have you ever heard of Korean Metal Scene? It would be great if FORGOTTEN TOMB come to Korea and play someday. Have you ever played live show in any other place beside Europe?
I'm quite surprised to hear that we are so well-known in Korea. I received just a few mails from Korea during the years. I don't know about your scene, sorry. Of course we would like to play there, but I guess it's kinda impossible currently. We played all around Europe and we have some plans to tour USA someday.

- Actually I was really wondering about a member Asher who is playing drum in FT because he is unusually an Asian guy in European metal scene. Is that true he is a Korean? Would you please ask him how could he live and play extreme metal in Italy? And also if he doesn't mind, please ask what his Korean name is. Just let me know any information of him as possible as you can. That information must make Korean metalheads interested!
Yeah Asher is Korean but he's in Italy since his birth, so is 100% italian. He's in the Extreme Metal scene since a fucking ass long time, and he plays guitar and bass too. He played/plays in several bands. Some of his past bands were Willow At Moon, Dunkel Nacht and Kalevala, while his main band besides FT is Domina Noctis. At times he plays for fun in a Judas Priest cover-band too, as well as a Misfits cover-band. His Korean name is KyoNaam, I don't know if I wrote it in the right way but it sounds like that though!

- What kind of music do you recently listen to? Do you like any contemporary extreme metal bands and musicians from your country or from around the world?
I listen to a lot of different music. In the past months I mostly listened to Acid Bath, Deadboy & The Elephant Men, Alice In Chains, Katatonia, Danzig, Life Of Agony, Paradise Lost, Majority Rule, Neurosis, Khanate... Regarding Black Metal stuff, I mostly listened to the latest Xasthur and Krohm releases, Spite Extreme Wing, Altar Of Perversion, Shining, Watain and a few other bands.

- What kind of bands has affected your musical taste?
In the very beginning mostly Mayhem and Burzum, old Katatonia and Paradise Lost. Currently I'm not influenced by any particular band, but I have a soft spot for lisergic Doom-like music and acoustic bands.

- Have you ever played before starting FORGOTTEN TOMB? Or have you ever studied music formally before? I played with a few other Death/Black Metal underground bands before FT. I never studied music.

- I'd like to know your opinion of the today's metal scene all around the world. : Extreme Metal being popular, Black Metal related with political theme such as National Socialism with black metal and Underground bands dealing with major records company. Etc. what's your thought on that?
As I already said, I don't care anymore about what's happening to the Black Metal scene. I still follow it but I keep some distance since I've been in fights with people about attitude and philosophy for years, and I'm honestly really exhausted. About Extreme Metal bands dealing with majors and big labels, I have nothing against it, as long as the music keeps being good. If I would have the chance to make FT bigger by keep on playing the music I like, I would. But one thing I really still hate is the visual side of some big bands, some bands like Dimmu Borgir (as well as some underground bands too) simply look retarded, and this upsets me most than their music.

- What's your personal philosophy, ideology and thoughts of religion?
I believe in nothing.

- What do you think of USA and president of USA Bush? Sorry for silly question. But personally I'm really curious of it because I heard that most of European people hate him (and frankly so do I.)
Bush is a retarded idiot and he just cares about his interests, as every politician around the world does actually. I grew up sick about politics recently, so this is another of those topics I don't care about anymore. Btw I've been in the USA and it's a really good place, so apart for the Bush-thing, I think it's a good country and I would like to live there.

- What are you guys usually doing beside FORGOTTEN TOMB? Do you guys have any other full time job?
Every member of FT has a full-time job besides the band. Algol is a computer-technician, Asher is a storer and Razor SK is a concrete-worker. I used to be a night-keeper in an industry, but I lost my job recently due to many reasons. I hate working though.

- I want to know about your side projects in detail. I really try to find sample of those projects such as Died Like Flies, Gaszimmer & Aegrus but I couldn't. So I couldn't guess what it sounds like.
DIED LIKE FLIES is Industrial/Noize music. The project is active since 1998 and I'm currently the only member. I recently released a compilation including all the stuff recorded & released/unreleased since 1998 'til 2004, called "Complete WorXXX ? 6.66 Years Of Absolute Sickness". The project is still active but I'm not working on it currently. GASZIMMER is currently laid to rest. I recorded a demotape but I never released it, called "Scorn Triumphant". It was Black Metal in a really traditional and old-style way. I don't know if I'll still record something with it in the future, I'll probably do but I don't know when. AEGRUS is my main band besides FT, it's Negativity Glorifying Black Metal in the vein of bands like Ofermod, Ondskapt, Leviathan (Swe) and old Thorns. We'll hopefully unleash our first attack soon.

- I know it might be too soon to ask this question but do you already have a blueprint for the next album? I've heard that Swedish musician Nordvargr became a full time member for FORGOTTEN TOMB. But he is famous especially for Dark Ambient Project such as NORDVARGR, MZ.412, TOROIDH. How did it come? And how much does he affect to music of FORGOTTEN TOMB? And What should I expect for upcoming release?
Nordvargr will provide some depressive Ambient landscapes and effects between and during the songs. I'm currently writing the new material, and I can tell you it will have nothing to do with Black Metal. It's difficult to describe, there are still many connections with the classic FT-style but new songs are a lot more modern and rock-oriented. The main difference will be my clean vocals. It's a very melancholic, colourless album, but at the same time it's really powerful and catchy. The title of the new album is "Darkness In Stereo".

- Do you have any final comments?

- Thanks for this interview.
Thank you. For updated info surf