A New World?


Date : Apr. 26, 2001
Answered by Christof
Questioned by Young "Anarchist" K.

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- I would like to thank you very much Christof for agreeing to do this interview and I really hope that this will be a good introduction of KOROVAKILL to Korean metal heads. Please introduce yourself.
Thank you very much, Young Anarchist, for introducing us to the Korean Metal Heads. This is our first Interview with Korea in our whole Band History and we feel very honoured!

- KOROVAKILL is still unknown in Korea. Therefore to those readers who know nothing of KOROVAKILL, please give us a history of the band.
"WaterHells" is our third and first Album. KorovaKill rose from the Ashes of Korova, a Band that already released two CDs, "A Kiss in the Charnel Fields" (1995) and "Dead like an Angel" (1998), through the Austrian Label Napalm Records. The first Concert of that Formation took place in 1991, so we have our 10 Year Jubilee this Year.
Last Year we decided to mutate and burn all Bridges behind. Drummer Moritz Neuner and myself did separate from the four other Musicians and united with Keyboarder and Sound-Architect Renaud Tschirner to turn the Herd into a Trinity.

- You just released the new album "Waterhells". How has the response been so far?
Concerning the Reviews in the press we were quite surprized about the very good Response. Actually "WaterHells" was released around 6 Weeks ago, so it's not possible yet to say more about it. I hope that our old Problem won't repeat: good Reviews in the Press, but nobody buys the Album.
- A lot seems to have happened with KOROVAKILL, including band's name, label and line-up changes. Would you like to tell us more about this sequence of events?
We killed the Taurus, we slayed the Bull. BSE and Mouth-and-Mouth Disease did join us in our War against the Clans of artificial Reproduction.
Korova stands for all the Herd-Rubbish, that is euphemized with the Word "Social". Korova reigns everywhere, where People crowd together in collective Masses to substitute their very own Individuality with a fabricated and manipulated Common-Identity. Wherever the Flocks gather cowardly to castrate the Rights of an Individual, wherever Mediocrities unite to torture the Outstandings Korova leaves its Cow-Pats. "Together we are strong!" says the stupid Herd. Individuality, Originality and Out-of-Norm is like a Red Cloth to the Bulls of Korova.
Therefore we had to create KorovaKill, the mighty Beast of Prey, the Lion King and Golden Dragon in the War against the cruel Collectives of the Ruminant-State, against the modern SS of the Mass Industries, that smothers all Forms of Life into the Norms of mechanical Numbers and Products. KorovaKill is the Fountain of Fire on burning Stables. It's like a Phoenix vomiting on his Ashes.

- Your answer sounds like you have committed a suicide. :) Well, you meant that you killed yourself and were then resurrected. But I¡¯m wondering why you used the KOROVA before. Did you think of yourself as a ¡°social¡±? I don¡¯t think you¡¯re that kind of person, so I guess it was a kind of Sarcasm, wasn¡¯t it?
We've just realized all those Connections and Meanings two Years ago. Before we have been blind to that hidden Significance.

- Exactly how has your signing with Red Stream helped you, what have they done to improve your situation compared to Napalm-era?
Well, Red Stream did bring us back the artistic Freedom, which Napalm Records weren't able to grant us anymore. Napalm have become a pretty big Company, which means, that Marketing and Sales are more important than Originality. We didn't want to make the Whores for them. Red Stream are very reliable and engaged. We are more than just a Number on our new Label, and our Cooperation is very good.

- "Waterhells" is the best concept album what I've ever heard. I feel that each song of "Waterhells" seems to express what the title says, so I guessed you wrote the lyrics before making the music, didn't you?
Thank you very much!!! We did work for nearly three Years on the whole Concept until everything did fit together like pressed on the CD in the End. Actually the Lyrics and the Music coevolved Hand in Hand. But you are right, that at first there has been the Pictures and the Content of the Concept. So there was a Picture in the Beginning, a Cluster of Atmospheres and Colours, Shapes and strange Movements. Then came Word, because I did write these Pictures down to Paper. At the End the Sound and Music came and finally the concrete Formulation of the Lyrics.
3 Years ago I suddenly had this Picture in my Head of a Man awaking in the Middle of the Sea without knowing his Name, his Past, nothing. Other Pictures followed, of bleeding Undines, of the tower-horned SkullPalace down there, of a pale-white Hall with sleeping Marble-Statues and of the blazing Heart of the Sun, buried deep underneath this all. I nearly got insane, because these Pictures began to live and to talk to me. And the less I wanted to see them the angrier they got. So I had to investigate these strange Fragments and draw them down in Maps. In the End I had 12 Maps, which all together formed the Map of the Great Sea. Tones and Melodies started to flow out of these Bubbles. I had to beat them dead with my Guitar and catch the Cadavers into Songs. That was the only Possibility to recover Silence in my Head.

- Now I¡¯m clear about your explanation. When I saw those images that you explained in the ¡°Waterhell¡±, I felt they just looked mystic, symbolic and kind of metaphorical. Did you do the paintings by your self?
We've done the whole Artwork-Concept by ourselves. The final Execution of the Layout was done then by Andreas Seebacher, a Friend of us who has already done the Design for "Dead like an Angel". We've explained him the whole Concept and those Pictures and he dived into the Great Sea then to bring them up. As always we are very satisfied with his Work, for he's a Son of Neptune.

- Your lyrics seem to mainly deal with the sea - or water. Even the first track "Birth" which has no lyrics just sounds like it brings me into the abyss. Is it related to your personal belief or philosophy? How important is the sea -or water - to you? Ironically, you don't have the sea in your own country at all.
Well, we do not sing about the Water in the Ice Cubes of your Whiskey, neither about the Water that flows out of the Tap in your Bathroom, nor about the Water in the Swimming Pool with all those horny Chicks, that wait their for a Fuck. We also do not sing about the Atlantic or the Pacific, but about Water and the Sea as an archetypical Symbol! Water is the Element, that cannot be hold by Hands, that always changes and never stays the same. It's the fecund and hidden Force behind all the Visible. Fire on the other Hand is the Flash of the Great Sea into the Visible. It's the active Power, the Realization of what did breed passively and unseen behind the dead Angles of Perception. "WaterHells" is about transforming the Deluge of hellish Waters into the active Power of the Will. The whole Concept uses a Language of Pictures. Without looking behind the Surface of those Words they never reveal their Meaning.

- I think that the listeners can fall into the "Waterhell" as much as they have to understand what the "Waterhell" says. But you know, it's quite hard to understand because your lyrics are too abstract. So, would you explain about your lyrics in detail?
"WaterHells" is the Story about the eternal Cycle of the Great Sea. The Great Sea is the total Sum of all Atoms, Waves, Things, Movements and Stimuli in all Scales and Zooms of all Times, Places and Ages all around in all Directions together in one Entity, the World of Worlds...the All. The Great Sea is where all comes from and where all will end. Others call it Tao, Brahman, Apeiron, Hyle, Chaos, Ain Soph Aur, Substance, Central Monad, World of Will, Alpha & Omega or Grand Unified Energy. You've called it "the Abyss", which is also justified, since in the Black of the Void waits the Gold of the All! There are a Myriad of Names for it.
A Thunder explodes and a little Drop is born into the visible Part of this World-Work, out of the Invisible. A Man awakes drifting aimless and nameless in the Nowhere of the Sea. After Untimes of drifting without ever stranding he recognizes, that all Directions are meaningless except the Way down to the Ground. He drowns beyond the final Frontier and enters the Realms of the Underwhirls. At the Bottom of the Sea stands the Skull Palace, a Castle built of Bones with the Shape of the Devils Head. Mermaids and Undines wait in the beautiful Gardens before the Castle and try to decoy him away from this awful Place with their hypnotic Song. Heavy and dowsy he gets from the Honey and Opium of their enchanting Voices, but in the End he decides not to follow them into their delusive Paradise of eternal Dreams.
He has to enter the Skull Palace of painful Conclusion, the ulcerous Skeleton-Brain of hollow Models and dead Images, the drunken Shadows of his Imagination. Inside there is a pale-white Hall, filled with a Myriad of Marble Statues. All Time is frozen, all Feelings are stunned in there. All Unredeemed stand there, carved in Stone and just waiting for one Drop of his Blood to come to Life. In the Middle of this Marble Hall stands an Altar with a voluminous Book. Into the Cover his Name is carved. He opens it and in there 3-dimensional, moving Pictures, Shapes and Figures are printed and Words which he doesn't understand. As he leafs through these living Pages he cuts his Finger on the Edge of one Page. It falls down on the Ground and all Statues leave their Stones. They come to life and turn into a raving Storm of ShadowHordes. With ripping Swords and bestial Screams all silent Devils awake from their Sleep. Red sparkle their Stallions Eyes on their furious Ride through every Pore of his Body. They guard the Gate to the final Secret, but all their Threats are just a Game, a Mirror Play of powerful Nothings. It's just a Fool's World. In the Black of the Void waits the Gold of the All. As he recognizes that an all-coloured, golden Kaleidoscope of Pictures, Tones, Smells and Sentiments overflows him. He crosses the last Bridge, and at the End of the Tunnel he reaches the Heart of the Sun. All the Waters melt and he sees lucid and clear through Neptune's broken Nets.
The last Chord of the last Song is a Cluster of all 12 half-Tones, each one standing for one of the 12 Songs. So the whole Album is united and gets one in it's End.

- Red Stream labels KOROVAKILL avant-garde black metal. Do you agree with this or, if not, how would you classify KOROVAKILL's music?
Words are just Illusions of Worlds. I am glad that it isn't our Work, but the Work of the Press and our Label to violate our Music into the hollow Prison of Descriptions. Our Promoter chose the Words "A Trip into New Metal". Some of the Reviews chose Terms like "Epic Avantgarde" or "Death Pop". Red Stream labelled it as "Avant-garde Black Metal". We can live with everything.
Actually it is very hard to describe something, for which no special Style or Scene does exist, with one single Phrase. On the other Hand you cannot promote a Record by just saying, it is "Music that cannot be categorized".

- You always seem to have strived to increase variety and the atmosphere itself in your music since KOROVA. But this time there is something definitely changed even though I can't tell what it is. Perhaps your guitar sound or unusual samplings? Would you tell me what the differences are between "Waterhell" and KOROVA-era materials?
"WaterHells" is our first Album with professional Studio Sound, so Things like the Guitar Sound or the Vocal Production is much better. This Time we also just have been 3 People doing the whole Album, not 6 like on "Dead like an Angel", wherefore everything sounds much more homogenic.

- Is KOROVAKILL a project or full-time band?
All Members of KorovaKill are working or studying, but for me it's a kind of Full-Time-Job in the Moment. Moritz, our Drummer is also playing in many other Bands for Studio Jobs or Concerts like Abigor, Darkwell, Angizia, Dornenreich, Siegfried, Enid and many more. Also Renaud is involved in other Bands and Projects, so it's just myself who is totally dedicated to KorovaKill.
Generally KorovaKill is neither a Project, nor a Full-Time Job for us, it's just an Act of Self-Defense against those Floods of inner Pictures, that want to come alive through our Persons. Giving Birth is never a Pleasure, it's a Pain and you loose a lot of Blood. We do not create Pieces, the Pieces come to us. So KorovaKill is more a Pain than anything else.

- That¡¯s a very interesting answer, since some musicians who I interviewed before said they just wanted to ¡°free¡± their feelings and images from their head. But you said that you want to defend yourself from those things. It¡¯s really interesting for me, even though you said you¡¯re painful. :) I think you¡¯re too creative or too spiritual. Do I understand you correctly?
Our Skins are to wall-less to block out the Waves of the All. Our Music is just a Symptom of that, but not an Aim that we head to.

- Most of my favorite bands are from Austria such as SUMMONING, DORNENREICH, ABIGOR, HOLLENTHON, RAVENTHRONE and KOROVAKILL. I'm always wondering how on earth they can create such excellent material. It's very hard for me to describe the Austrian metal scene. Would you describe it and do you have a special inspiration from Austria? I don't think it's from your old classical musicians such as Beethoven and Schubert.
The Austrian Avantgarde covers a wide Horizon of very different Styles, that find their Focus Point in the Metal Area. Some of the great Bands you've already mentioned. Apart from that there are also the bizarre Classic-Folk-Metal-Theatre-Landscapes of ANGIZIA, kidnapping the Listener into Realms not of this World. There is the great Debut-Album "Cybionic Black Art" of the Satanic Science-Fiction Biomechanics SPRAWL with outstanding Concept and incredible Techno-Jazz-BlackMetal. And of Course you mustn't forget KREUZWEG OST with their Tank&GasMask Music and the crazy Guys of BELPHEGOR. Austria is very small, so sooner or later you get to know all of those People personally. They are hardly Metal-People, but very individualistic Beings, who don't have any Limits to their personal Taste. Some of them you can also meet in Discos.
Well, we weren't inspired by any of these Bands, since Austrians always work totally independent from each other. Abigor, Summoning, Korova and Belphegor have been the first BM-Bands getting popular back in 1994. Before there was just PUNGENT STENCH and DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. All the other Bands followed Years later.

- Do you have a blueprint for the next album? What should we expect from it?
At the Moment we are working on the MCD "Echoworld", which was written back in 1997 and will be a Trip through the Cyclones of Mania. It won't be calm and drifting like "WaterHells", but crazy and collapsed to the Core. It will be our Statement to this World of Shit, a Concept about a Man-Machine on Drugs, about a Computer with Rabies and a Golden Atom Bomb in the End.

- What kind of music do you usually listen to?
I have to admit that I don't listen to Music at all, since I always have the Feeling, that I've already heard everything.

- Where is KOROVAKILL aiming to get as a band musically and ideologically?
We don't have any Aims. We just have to do our Songs to slay all those disturbing Pictures our of our Heads, that's all.

- According to your comments, I can guess KOROVAKILL and its music are your own way of communicating with the world / yourself or a means of struggle against your whole circumstances more than just music itself. Am I right? Do you consider yourself more than just a musician?
I do not consider myself as a Musician, since playing Instruments and singing is just a very little Part of my Life.

- I'd like to know your opinion of the today's metal scene all around the world.
Well, as I already told you I don't listen to Music anymore, since for me it's all more or less Regurtigation fo regurtigated Regurtigations. Austrian Bands are a little Exception, but they do not represent the worldwide Metal Scene.

- Do you have any final comments to Korean metal fans?
Hail to Korea!!! Beware of Market Economy and its false Idols!

- Thanks for this interview. Good luck to your whole life.
You too. You are always very welcome to our Mail-Account, Mr. Young Anarchist K.!