Date : May. 21. 2005
Answered by Herr Morbid
Questioned by Young "Anarchist" K.

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- Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview. Would you please tell me about yourself? (age, hobby... etc).
Today is May 21st , 2005; I am at work and I find now after a long period a little bit time to answer your questions. What can I say. I was born in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and I grew up in a socialistic country. So my childhood was, besides the normal family terror at home, quite save in the manner of drugs or future fears, because in the GDR your live got planned through very early. In my case I saw, after some typical profession wishes of a child like Cosmonaut (its the russian word for Astronaut), Fire Fighter, Teacher, Shepherd or Cook in the GDR's Trade Navy, my future in the Army as helicopter pilot. On the other hand it was quite militaristic. We had since the age of 6 year, uniforms at school, we had a lot of pre-militaristically camps and political education. Well, 1989 that system became legend and we've been one country again since 1945. Many people are asking for freedom, but in fact: Freedom is something you also have to stand! And I couldn't do well in the beginning. Suddenly I could do everything. And when you grow up in a very strict Dictatory, who tells you what to do, plans your life since you are fucking 4 or 5 years old and gives you no space to breath free, its hard to be your on ruler of your actions. you have to learn it, as child do learn walking. And its a part of that process, that you sometimes will smash on the ground with your face. I got problems with the law, drugs, myself and what the hell, with the whole life. So my life was a fucking odyssey through all kinds of extreme human emotions, I lost my best fried cause he committed suicide, others rammed trees and walls with their cars, to move into a fantasy of a better world after life. I created a fantasy world inside of me and didn't recognized that I placed my fantasy wold into the real surrounding of me. Shit man, I was star-trekking through that twilight zone for ten fucking years, In the year 2000 I rejected me from everything and everyone to check my back. Now I am on a better way, so I hope. I broke with almost everything that ruled me in the past. You can recognize that when you're looking to my music. After the "Black Metal ist Krieg" album Nargaroth changed into a more personal, man being thing. Sure that development started some time before, but wasn't strong enough, that it came into my awareness. I tried and still try to become a more honorably men, and through my job and so on, I also try to become a well organized and mental differentially thinking human. I don't want to creep as a small minded thing through life, with regret or hate at the end of my life. I want me to know I used life as much I could to have experiences that made me growing and developing. besides all this things I drive with my chopper - bike or with my car through Europe, or I try to see a lot things about the middle Russia and Kyrgysztan or the Mongolia. I would like to emigrate into this parts of the world. Being far away from all here reminding me.

- What's your main job?
I'd studied Psychology and finished it for a while and I am since some years Psychologist and Therapist in a Clinic for Alcohol and Medicament Abused or Addicted People. At the moment I make a qualification for 5 years as Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. That's the Theory or the concept Sigmund Freud developed. To make that education means too, to lay myself on the so called "couch". That helps me also a lot in my self-development as men and human.

- Do you really think that black metal is war? If so, what is it against?
Black Metal is a war in your own head. In my hard years I was so deep into that BM spirit, that I denied anything in the world. Even other people, money the system. All I had to do to survive, so go to work for money, talk with others and so on, seemed to me as a opposite to BM life. So I denied the things to do. Sometimes I locked myself for weeks into my room and not stepping outside. I denied to wear some normal clothes because I considered them as false. There were many other things, crazy things at this time in my head and even in my actions - but believe me it was hell on earth. And that means for me the BM war. Its the war in our heads. The controversies between BM ideals or rules and the necessary things we have to do to survive, starts a daily war. Because pure and real BM denies life, he prays death and destruction. That's why its so hard to live among normal live, if you are a die hard BM ideologist. Its war against your life, against yourself.

- I think the sound of brand new album "Prosatanica Shooting Angels" is back to the roots. It sounds like earlier work for me. Do you think Nargaroth has always been changed or not?
-Back to the Roots- No fucking way! That was a stupid and wrong advertising slogan, done by my label. Prosatanica Shooting Angels (PSA) never was intended as a so called "Back To The Roots" album. Such things are in my eyes totally wrong placed and more than meaningless!! That made me very angry, because this slogan gets always ripped in some arguments against that album. This album is no pseudo "Back to the Roots" shit! I made it that way it sounds, because I wanted it that way. It's a nowadays album! To your question for changes - I cannot and will not create another album like Herbstleyd again. All the emotions expressed by this work are, even if with a delay, completed! New or different emotions mean new and different expressions! New experiences, thoughts, pains and pleasures cannot always be the same, that old ways and means were expressed. I'm not just some kind of guy that makes a bit of "music", like the most in this art form creating only empty shells of a song. This art is my possibility to live, yes, to live on, and the spirit and robe of my expression changes with me in the manner it stands in front of you. Alone this, so small as it might seem, differentiates me from the scum and their pitiful attempts to judge or set me in a certain direction. To direct me means to stand above me. Yet when I look above I only see stars illuminating my devoured paths. Only they have the right to direct me, and they won't do it alone! Nargaroth won't get better or worse, only different! More I can't say.

- How or why did you start NARGAROTH as a black metal band? In other words, what do you want to get from being with NARGAROTH?
The early years are hard to remember. It was a time full of failures, acted madness and the forcing energy to bring up my emotions through sound and voice. In the beginning my musical way had been nothing more than leisure - time activity. But over the years it became a way to talk with myself, or the things inside me I wanted to ignore. From this time a put all my energy into this. During that beginning been names like OKULTIS, EXHUMINENCE as former names for that, what once and until now is called NARGAROTH. But my way to the Herbstleyd album, was more than I ever could take again. Because of the absence of other musicians, especially a drummer, it took from 1991, were I set the Intention to a music project, until 1998. It has to pass 7 long and torturing years of total madness, were I ran crazy too many times, were my best friend committed suicide and put me in a state I never knew before, were I treated my social area like shit. I never want to become a man, as I used to be in this period. Maybe I was because of my long isolation from others social untrained so that I knew no one helping me in the realization, or maybe I was to mad to accept that an other person could be involved in my musical ways. What ever happened in this time, and be sure it been many things to speak only with shame about, I won't forget, because it was the beginning of my self development to change into an honorable man, that I am now. And through Nargaroth I can put out my view, emotions and personal thing in a productive and effective way.
Nargaroth never played Black Metal. I played Metal and I dared to make statements about my favorite music art - namely Black Metal. Nargaroth does not belong the nowadays B.M. scene!!! Unfortunately not belonging to the old scene too, because I haven't released anything worthy before 1998 (Herbstleyd). There I was just a fan. I consider myself with my releases after "Black Metal ist Krieg" as musician or songwriter, belonging to no scene. Scenes are setting borders. And I can't accept borders in my music. What ever I want to do, I will do. Although I know that the main force who listens to Nargaroth comes from the persons in this scene. And Nargaroth will be sure always labeled as Black Metal.

- I heard a rumor that you had a trouble with Wolf from ABSURD. Is that true?

- You listed tons of brutal death metal bands in the booklet for new album. Why? Are you deeply into death metal at this moment?
I prefer more the older ones. Sure I listed some recent bands too, but mostly they fall into the -all the time funny Grind Noise Core- category. like old and grief Death Metal without vocal harmonizer. I like that sine the beginning of the '90s. Unfortunately I forgot that somehow as I was into my madness in the last years. At the moment I listen to various styles of instrumental art. What ever touches me inside, I give a chance. I don't want to limit myself anymore. I practices that since 3-4 years. but in my heart I prefer Old Death Metal and some deep cuming old Black Metal acts, sure. But in the booklet its more a "thinking about..." list. than a greeting shit list. That means that I do not always adore them. Some of them sometimes comes into my mind and I think about this bands and about the time as I heard them the first time and felt a high power Energy in my veins.

- A message of 'No Dark Throne Fan' is in the booklet. Why did you put this message in that. Have you ever been a fan of Dark Throne? It's an unavoidable truth that Dark Throne and Burzum have affected today's Black Metal sound. Do you hate early generation of Norwegian Black Metal bands? Such as Mayhem, Dark Throne, Burzum, Thorn, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir etc.
I could imagine that my next words break the illusions of many pro-NARGAROTH readers. But exactly that was my intention with this album!! But you want answers, so you'll get them!
This album is besides "Geliebte des Regens" (Beloved of the Rain) my favourite one! Because of the circumstances it got recorded, the history or background and the intentions that came to birth during the 12 hour recording session.
Originally these songs were planned for a side project I wanted to make. It's name PROSATANICA SHOOTING ANGELS. The logo, with the 2 staked angels left and right, of this side project I placed on the bottom card of the so called NARGAROTH album and on the back of the shirt. But after the recording session I reminded me on some lines I wrote in the booklet of the "Black Metal ist Krieg" album with the content, that I prefer not doing a side project because NARGAROTH is in me as I am in it. And in respect to the sad fact of many spoken or written but not always respected words by myself in my life, I decided myself not to make that mistake again. And so it became an unplanned NARGAROTH album.

At the beginning of the side project, I had no idea how to make it. All I knew was to make it quite faster than I usually create songs. I went into my small studio in my apartment were I created and recorded all my releases until today, and around 12 hours later I left it with a whole album in my hands. The songs I wrote during the recording session itself. I just played something to the drum lines and when I liked it ? I used it. Sometimes during the recording of the guitar lines, I made playing-mistakes and tried to smooth them by playing something else. And so I found new connection riffs to 2 different main melodies. And I made some experiments I usually never do! In the end of the song "Satan Industries" you hear a kind of synthetic noise. But that is my distorted Bass Guitar tapped just the upper string in the 4th or 5th segment. I can't remember right now. And everything you hear that sounds like a keyboard is even my Bass Guitar, just playing the main accord louder mixed than the rest. Nothing else and I love it! And the "poor" sound I made this way because I wanted it. And in my eyes ? about a good HiFi or Stereo, you will hear it's a great sound. The scene became too spoiled by good productions and fat sounds. That is no mark for BM!
But in conclusion it was quite strange how I did all. I had a good time in my studio under some light drugs and some Tequila. And this is why that album is important for me. Usually I am very strict how all has to sound, and all must be in the way I want it and there are no degrees of freedom for all things that got used. But this time I was very relaxed and took the things the way they came. No torturing deeper intention haunted me. It's just some metal.

Besides all this circumstances I had to do things that made me angry in the matter Black Metal Scene and too many pseudo NARGAROTH Fans! That's why I made the things they are in sound and in respect to the booklet, in artwork and hidden messages in the booklet.
The scene is full of newcomers and poor minded BM "philosophers". They set rules that shake the foundations or the roots of this art. They create all the time new definitions of BM. At best, two times each year. They bring a destroying chaos into the scene and into this art. I know that well, because some years I was one of them too. But in opposite to this poor minded non-metallic idiots, I and many other old ones stayed in that art and we have to be in that chaos they left because they are out of their for extremes seeking adolescence or they became married or what ever. But it's hard to separate them before they leave again this art. I think that only those prevail in our art, which already have or seek truly and honestly for information's. Those who have ? are the old ones, those who truly seek ? gonna stay maybe.
Many things I wrote in the booklet can be and got only understand by those guys I mentioned above. I know that only few understand what is really meant by the words "No Dark Throne". That it has to be considered very carefully how I wrote the band name and where it got written that way! Until today only 2 persons recognised this word-game. And such things I love! I often do things like this, which the idiots don't recognise and separate them from the good ones. I made things like this before. Once I made a Demo called "Fuck of nowadays Black Metal". I took a song as outro which is quite popular and every Metalhead should understand that it sure is a cover song and not an own song from NARGAROTH. So I put that as instrumental version on the LP and called him "Nortam Sagro". After this LP was under the people, I heard so many voices that I steal riff s 1:1 from other bands. Everyone screamed the instrumental outro is the song "Orgasmatron" from MOTORHEAD. They said they got the proof that I steal guitar riffs from MOTORHEAD.

Right here ? right now I say: can it be true, that the whole scene is so damn stupid, that they don't understand the "joke" and are unable or too stupid to read the song name "Nortam Sagro" backward?
But besides this, more hidden meaning are there 2 other more open problems I have with the cult position of DARKTHRONE in the heads of the people. A second point to this slogan and to the album which is not so important and deep is - if you listen to the music, the slogan seems more than strange and even ridiculous. My intention to this second point was to doubt on the so called "own" inspirations of bands, when the music of the band sounds like their in interview mentioned Faves. And the third intention to this slogan goes in direction to the all the time sadly not respected beginning days of GORGOROTH! Everyone in the scene mention DARKTHRONE as Fave and important band. In my eyes GORGOROTH is the owner of that THRONE! With their first Demo and their first Album with one of the best BM singer named HAT, they are always even worthy to be named!

Similar as I made it with the "No Dark Throne Fan" line, there are many things I made to separate the idiots from the Metalheads. Other examples are: Only old guys know what is meant with the words "Black and blasphemic Death Metal". These are quite famous words in BM history known only by older. Or the fact that I putted Bands likes AZHUBHAM HAANI under the Thought about Death Cocks rubric. Some small minded BM fags wrote me, why I could do such a "sacrilege" to put a "pioneer of BM" under a DM rubric. I couldn't stop laughing, although this is a very sad state! If they would know AZHUBHAM HAANI longer than from my Black Metal ist Krieg album they should know it! Fuck those losers! Another message is the photo of my person in the booklet and the so fucking stupid gun in my hand. I hate this fucking poser kids with their boring evil poser pictures with no atmosphere and vibes. They say it shows their true faceˇ¦oh boy that pains sure in the head. Such nonsense and the inflationary use of the (un)holy attributes of BM destroys the once very important accessories of BM!!! That's why I made this fucking stupid Picture and I underlined it with the words "Poser Picture from Kanwulf...". If someone uses it, please stay to the points of being a poser, or make it honourable or let it fucking be! We need Metalheads to survive and no Halloween crap!
Well there are much more hidden things I will not list here, because it will be too long. I also don't want to explain anything here, because I want to see longer who is who and who is worthy in the scene. And as long as I get questions like "Who is Erik you mentioned in you "Black Metal ist Krieg" album?" or as long as I hear "The drummer on your "Black Metal ist Krieg" album is not so true, because he is laughing on the 2 small pictures of him in the booklet" (meant were the private pictures of Erik on the booklet pages to the songs I dedicated him), I say ? Make your fucking Homework's!

- When you're writing new material, where do you get your inspiration?
This question is easy to answer. It was and will be my emotions and my imaginations. Nothing else, just pure emotions and unchained imaginations!

- Some people think that NARGAROTH is a political band and so do you. Is that true?

- Do you have any friendly relationship with other bands in Germany or Europe?

- You worked with Occulta Mors from MOONBLOOD. And I heard he could be a permanent member of NARGAROTH but it didn't happen. How come? How was the relationship with him? He might have a strong self-ego just like you. Any conflicts were there?
He never been a permanent member of Nargaroth. Such things does not exist. I got to know him at a rehearsal of a band he was playing in. He is o.k. and sure a good fellas, but a strong self ego I have never seen on him.....Its fucking amazing what false and distorted pictures you people have from some musicians in the scene. They are just humans and fucking normal. Thats it.

- The music of NARGAROTH is usually too long and too repetitive. Some of those are very hypnotic but others are little bit boring. Is that easy to play live?
You never been or never seen a Nargaroth gig, or?. Then you wouldn't ask such a question. Share a gig with us and try to reject you from that. You'll see - it won't work!

- What about the black metal scene, do you think that the style is actually decaying or is it still progressing?
I don't care about the scene. I had too much experiences with the scene to stand among them. I rejected me totally from this 4 years ago and I live better. Silly, small minded and boozed idiots. The few who are o.k. are to find besides or outside of the scene, because they are there to share.

- You've worked with NO COLOURS RECORDS for quite long time. I think you might have been offered good deal from quite many labels all over the place. Do you think NO COLOURS is the best label for NARGAROTH? If so, why?
Yes. We can talk with each other and he can offer me a working relationship like no other label ever could.

- Some people believe that black metal should be related with Satanism. How do you define black metal?
Real Black Metal was, is and has to be related to Satanism! All other who stylistic and musically follow the sound and the form of that expression, are just good music, but not to label as BM! They just use the music elements of this art. That's why Nargaroth is no Black Metal Project. I love the atmosphere of BM and the typical elements. I work with them too in my art, but Nargaroth is thematically totally different to genuine satanistic BM.

- What kind of music do you recently listen to? It's different. I do not limit myself anymore in the case what I am listening to or even not. There is no BM band in my momentary focus of listenable music. Mainly music from the '70s. The last CD album I listened as a whole was Jonny Cash's last album before he died -When a man comes around- Some songs touched me inside, because they were a summary of a men's testament. And in my process forward to a men, it was important for me to hear the words of this charismatic dead men. I was driving around in my old US Chevrolet Funeral Car and listen to that CD, while I took a ride through the cornfields of my country as the sunset glows on horizon! And nobody will never take that from me!!! And I give a shit of other one thoughts, if he should mean that this kind of music is to be untrue. I do what I want! And I do, what I feel well with!

- Any bands what you want to recommend to me?

- When did you come into the black metal scene and what made you?
I was a mad and in some cases ignorant teenager. I was seeking for answers and I had a affinity to hard metal sounds. That's the typical way of metal freaks at this/my time. And the first time I felt myself understood and touched inside with all my desires and sickness, was as I heard the first or the second time a BM act. I felt the first home. But then, 4-5 years ago, it's like anytime when the children grew up, I'm gonna leave the nest to take a look around. But NEVER forgetting were I come from, never forgetting what I left and what I keep in my heart for all time, and sometimes feeling homesick. My art, my BM from My good old times.

- What kind of bands has affected your musical taste since you were kid?
AC/DC with Bon Scott, until today. But sure, sometimes I smile when I hear a song in the radio that reminds me on my time in an 80's school disco ( being at home at 9 o. clock p.m.!), where I danced with a girl the very first time. You know...

- Have you ever played before starting NARGAROTH? Or have you ever studied music formally before?
No. My mother forced me a while to go to take Piano lessons. But one day I kicked down the chair and ran away. My mother forced me never again to something.

- I'd like to know your opinion of the today's metal scene. Extreme Metal being popular: Black Metal related with political theme such as National Socialism with black metal or Anti Racism with black metal: Underground bands dealing with major records company. Etc. what's your thought on those?
I fucking don't care anymore of anything of that shit. You should neither! That's wasted energy.

- What do you think of USA and president of USA Bush? Sorry for silly question. But personally I'm really curious of it because I heard that most of European people hate him.
I don't want to be in his skin. But I think they don't hate him, or hate is an output from an other emotionally source. I think people fear the consequences of his sometimes unreflective seemed decisions. But sometimes I think he thinks and acts wild-wild-west-american and forget he's not on an silly Indian hound......Yeeehaaa or Howdy...

- I know it might be too soon to ask this question but do you already have a blueprint for the next album? And what should I expect for upcoming release?
Next will be the "Semper Fidelis" album which was planned for years, followed by the album "...others never can"

- Any final comments?
Ride on!

- Thanks for this interview.