Date : Aug. 09. 2005
Answered by Silenius & Protector
Questioned by Young "Anarchist" K.

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- I'm really glad to interview Summoning. Summoning has always been my favorite band since Minas Morgul was released. Have you heard that there are tons of fan of Summoning in S. Korea?
- Silenius: Thanks for your interview, it is always great to hear that we have fans all over the world. To be honest we did not know that we have many fans in your country because we don't get too much response from there, but if you say that it is so it is of course great to know.

- It has been very long time to see new release after Let Mortal Hero Sing Your Fame. There was a rumor that you guys ended Summoning because the last track 'Farewell' of the last album. The news of brand new release fortunately makes Korean fans happy. What were you doing for last 5 years?
- Silenius : It is right that after Let Mortal heros ... a long time has passed without any signs of live from us, except the mini cd "lost Tales". There are many reasons for this long absence. Most of the reasons are dealing with personal and job-related ones (for example i lost my job in my old company that got bankrupt and it took a while to find a new one), second i got a relationship for 2 years that was very stressy; third reason is that meanwhile i finished the works for the new "Kreuzweg Ost" CD that will be released on Cold Spring soon. Meanwhile we are working hard for our new release, but even now we have many problems to finish it because of having new technical equipment which makes working difficult because of getting used with these complex programs. Nevertheless we try to finish the new CD during the next months so it will be release hopefully in the end of this year or in the beginning of next one.
- Protector : I also had a lot to do with my other project. I made many new Ice Ages songs and even completed all songs for the new Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, which i already wanted to release but due to the lack of ambition of the guest singer it was delayed so long that now i decided to release Summoning before all others.

- I've heard that you said Summoning is fantasy. Let's talk about the Fantasy deeply. What does Fantasy mean in your personal life? In my opinion, Fantasy and Religion may be same concept on a point of view that both of those are from human being's imagination. I guess the reason of fanatic of Fantasy is that simply because 'The Lord of the Rings' is too great as a novel. I want to hear your opinion of the fantasy not as a member of Summoning but as a human being.
- Silenius : In my oppinon fantasy has nothing to do with religion and therefore it is not a kind of second-hand-religion because then it would mean that you really believe in middle earth and see this creation of Tolkien as a kind of reality; that is of course nonsence. But if you are interested in fantasy literature you can use it as a strong escapism from reality and normal live and in this case it of course has a strong sence for the individual but nothing more, nothing less. Summoning always was a kind of musical key to bring the listener closer to Tolkiens mind creation of middle earth and all its legends and sagas.

- Why did you choose 'summoning' as a band name?
- Silenius : The band name has not this importance for us as other people believe. As far as i can remember we did not take a long time to find a name. We did not just want to use a name that sounds totally typical to usual black metal names. Same goes for the logo design, but in the end with the pentagram we also used some klische.

- As I know, you started to playing music since you were very young. How exactly old were you when you were involved in the music scene?
- Silenius : I started my musical experience since kindergarten, like many other children in the age i started to play flute. later i learned piano for several years; when i was a teenager i started to play bass, because it looks of course cooler to have a kind of guitar around then playing piano. Later i realised that it was very difficult to compose on the bass guitar and as i was to lazy to learn the guitar i bought a keyboard and started to make my first compositions on it.
- Protector : I learned violin for some years when i was a child, but as i was not really talented i gave it up. Later i started to lean to learn classic drums in a public music school. Then i got my first drum set and played in total unimportant stupid school bands:-) Finally i got to play metal and later started with guitar and keyboards.

- Have you watched the movie 'The Lord Of the Rings'? I think this movie is successful to revive the atmosphere of the original novel. But It would be far better if the original soundtrack were Summoning's music. What's your thought on this movie?
- Silenius : I think the movie is totally well done. Peter jackson really did a superb work out of the books. I think it was totally clear right from the beginning that the movie can not be a 1:1 translation from the book, so i can not believe that so many tolkien fans did not like the movie. Concerning the soundtrack i think the music of howard shaw really fits to the film, but just in combination with the movie. Hearing the music alone it tends to be a little bit boring because there are too few good leading melodie motives and nearly all of the commercial ending songs are totaly rubbish. I think musician like Loreena Mc Kennitt or Dead Can Dance would have done a far better job. Of course it would have been a great honour for us to participate in a soundtrack with summoning, but to be honest it would have been 10 steps to big for us. The funny thing is that Napalm Records really sent a copy of Let Mortal Heros to New Line Cinema, but of course we never got any response.

- I've met Silenius in Vien during my backpack travel in 2000. We drunk a couple of beers at cafe called Zeit Stop. And I met some guys such as Martin Schirenc and Wolfgang, and called Sophie from France. (Frankly I was very interested in her.) It's was so pity that I couldn't meet you and Peter K. Are you guys hanging out at this cafe in recent?
- Protector : Well, this cafe is unfortenly closed meanwhile. Actually Silenius was the main financal support for this caffee cause of his huge amount of alcohol he drunk there:-) So after he did not go there for a while cause of his girlfriend the caffee lost its main financal support and closed :-)
- Silenius : To be honest i have no contact to Sophie any more. Martin Schirenk is very busy with Pungent Stench and he is working on the new hollenthon CD at the moment. His ex girlfriend has moved to Eisenerzh and is working for Napalm Records nowardays. Wolfgang is still in the band Amestigon and also memeber of a neo folk band called Graumath who have released a single on the austrian label Hau Ruck and soon will release a full lenght album on the same label. In the moment i don't have any contact anymore to all, the owner of Zeitstop, but i know that he is still selling on Viennas free market, and maybe i will visit him there some day again.

- It has already passed 10 years when you created Summoning. You guys are not as young as you were, is there any changes of the musical taste? I sometimes worry that you might be tired of making this kind of music.
Silenius : You are right our musical tastes have changed a lot since the last 10 years. both of us don'T listen to metal music since many years by now, but don't worry working for Summonign is still a privilege for us and there are absolutely no planns to end this band soon, but on the other side it is of course not that easy to hold the standard and so the intervalls between our releases will not be that fast anymore as in former times.

- Why Napalm? Is that the reason of personal relationship with Max from Napalm Records? Napalm Records was one of my favorite lable for past couple of years, but not any more. Napalm Records just concentrates on too popular gothic metal at this moment. I don't think recent Napalm Records looks well with Summoning.
- Silenius : I really know what you mean, napalm records changed a lot during the last years. From an independent black and dark metal label to a very commercial gothic and rock label nowadays. There is always a good and a bad point of this development. The good thing is that the bigger a label gets the better work they can do concerning distribution and advertisment, the bad thing is that you can not identify with the label anymore seeing it as a kind of family with artists that are similar to you and your ideas. But as long as we have our freedom we will stay on the label. I still have a good relationship with Max and the other guys over there and meanwhile we try to avoid talking about buisness concernings because both of us know that our views differ a lot from each other.

- Silenius & Protector, you guys look such a good friend. How could you meet each other? And how is your relationship not as a comrade but as a friend?
- Protector : Some years ago we met often at weekends but meanwhile Silenius turned into a drunken lazy pig that never has any energy to go outside at weekends so we rather see each other for making songs and answering interviews meanwhile. :-)

- Most of my favorite bands are from Austria such as SUMMONING, DORNENREICH, ABIGOR, HOLLENTHON, RAVENTHRONE and KOROVAKILL. I'm always wondering how on earth they can create such excellent material. It's very hard for me to describe the Austrian metal scene. Would you describe it and do you have a special inspiration from Austria? I don't think it's from your old classical musicians such as Beethoven and Schubert.
- Silenius : Speaking for myself i just can say that i don't have any contacts to anyone because of the reasons protector mentioned above. Most of the time i just stay at home, beeing lazy and drinking beer so i really can not say how the austrian scene developped during the last years. I simply don't notice this at all.

- Austria has recently surprised us with the quality of some of the Black Metal bands that come out of there, although you have to seek into the large quantity to find them. Can you distinguish any good upcoming bands to suggest to us?
Silenius : To be honest i don't know any new austrian black death or whatever metal band so i can not answer anything to this question.

- What do you think about today's NSBM which point on racist, political ideology and war propaganda.
- Protector : NSBM really pisses me off and often makes me doubt if i am making the right music if it is connected to anything like fashism or racism. It is a pure contradiction to any form of minority music and only can be seen as enemy of any individual thinking people. Fashism / racism always hates anything being to far away from the traditional taste. In the past most artist where banished and called "degenerated art" as soon as they developped even a bit of individuality. The same would happen to all those nazi bm bands of nowardays if the nazis would ever get might again.

- What kind of music do you usually listen to? And what is the best album or artist of yours?
- Silenius : Since some years i prefer the music and the artists of some of the following labels.
As protector really dislikes to write all the names he can no spell i will just mention three labels :
Loki Foundation
Cold Spring
Steinklang Records

- Have you ever thought to play power electro dance music such as Assemblage 23, Suicide Commandos, Front Line Assembly and Punto Omega? Recently Im really deep into the releases from Metropolis Records, and I think you can make this kind of music very well.
- Silenius : I am very deep into power electronics and industrial music, but to be honest i totally dislike EBM bands like the bands you mentioned and i don't like Metropolis records at all, i prefer the hard stuff from Tesco Organisation and everything similar.
- Protector : I like the mentioned kind of music very much. I baught 2 CDs of Suicide Commando and many other bands of this genre since many years by now. Actually this is the music i am focusing most since almost 10 years. The only problem i have is that nowadays EBM bands are tending more and more to total common techno music and replaced the harsh beats with soft and round techno bass drum and hi hat beats so the music lost all of its hardness. Only a few bands of the last years made some real cool EBM stuff such as "Infact - Fatal Error", "Panzer AG", "Rosewater".

- Which one is YOUR favorite song from the album and why?
- Silenius : Do you mean Summonig or what?

- The Summoning's CD Covers are very special. How do you develope them?
- Silenius : From record to record it is getting more difficult to find the right artwork because it is very very difficult to find fantasy artworks which are not kitchy. Usually i spend a lot of time in bookshops or surfing threw the internet to find cool covers but as i said i nearly can not find any new good ones. For our next CD we will use the works of an old landscape painter of america and maybe some artworks from a russian painter. All of the proposed artworks are not spectacular at all but have a very good feeling of atmosphere of vaste and untouched landscapes which we think fit very well to the ideas of tolkien and his middle earth concept.

- As I listen to your releases in order, I found, it has slightly been changed bright side from the dark side. From the last release 'Let mortal..', I couldn't feel the dark side of 'Dol Guldur'. What do I expect on the next release?
- Silenius : Somehow you are right. During the last years have tunred more and more to a kind of heroic and hymn like style which is normally used as war hymns that are used for armies to get into right mood for attack. I cannot say why this is the case, maybe because all the dark poems of Tolkien already have been used by us in all the early releases. But i don'T see this mroe and more soundtrack and hymnlike style as something bad, it is just a nother kind of development.

- Would you please tell me the release plan for whole your bands such as DVKE, Kreuzweg Ost and Ice Ages?
- Silenius : The cover of the new Kreuzweg Ost CD already can be seen on the cold spring homepage as one of the next releases, after the new CD of Summoning is out we probably will make a kind of Summonig box set for the next year but please don'T ask me any deatils about it cause we still don'T know it for now.
- Protector : As far as Summoning is not finished i can not give any exatct details. I only know that after summonign i will search for a new singer and then finally release the next DVKE CD with more than 2 years dalay. After that i will release the third CD of Ice Ages, that is all i can say for now.

- What do you do for a living? Does Silenius still work on Virgin Megastore?
- Protector : I am working as programmer in the government of environment. The money we get from our music is not even enough to pay the rent of a normal flat in Vienna.
- Silenius : Virgin Megastore has got bankrupt and is dead and gone now, nowadays i work for Saturn; it is something similar to Virgin, but not that good.

- I really hope to be there again someday. I hope you'll be still there. Don't you ever think to live another place?
- Silenius : Feel free to come around whenever you want to Austria. To be honest i prefer to have my little world around, that means i am not the kind of person who likes to travel far away, i am satisfied with my own little world here in Vienna in the countryside around

- Thank you for giving the pleasure to me. Please give me last comments.
- Both :Thanks for the interview and up the hammers to all our fans in Korea:-)