A New World?


Date : May. 03, 2001
Answered by Avather
Questioned by Young "Anarchist" K.

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- First of all, thank you very much Avather for agreeing to do this interview. Please say hello to your Korean fans.
Thank YOU, anarchist. Hello to everybody.

- Would you Introduce yourself and the rest of the band.(Job, age, hobby... etc). And how did this group of musicians become Thyrane? In other words, let us know the band's biography in a nutshell.
Well, I¢¥m 26 and unemployed at the time and this band and music is my hobby. Deamon plays bass, he is 36 and he¢¥s working at gas-station.He has also three kids. Blastmor (21)plays drums and guitar and sings. He has formed this band in 95¢¥ with few other guys. After that, me and Daemon have replaced those guys and in 97¢¥ we recorded our first demo 'black harmony' and in 98' debut album 'Symphonies of Infernality' and 00' 2nd album 'The Spirit of Rebellion'.

- You released the new album "The Spirit of Rebellion "; how has the response been so far worldwide and also in Finland?
Response has been extremely good, though I think that this album hasn¢¥t reached that many people that it should have but, we have nothing but time.

- At first, speaking of the cover art, it's quite strange for this kind of music. It's really clean and simple. What are your thoughts on the cover related with Thyrane's music?
Yeah, that¢¥ one of the main things when we designed that cover, that it should be ¢¥strange¢¥ for this kind of music. Clean, simple and effective. And I think it fits to the music quite well. I mean, I have no problem to use those three words among others to describe the music on that album.

- Actually I'm not sure what "true" black metal is. Which aspect is more important ; musical or ideological? Do you consider Thyrane to be true black metal?
Music is always number one priority. If you place other things, like image, before music, then it is just waste of time¡¦ In Black Metal, lyrical side is also very important. We can skip that "true" topic away because more important is that many people doesn¢¥t seem to realise what is BLACK Metal itself, still, the answer is very simple. Black Metal is metal music with Satanic lyrics. There is no other way to describe it.

- I heard that you were Satanist. Also I heard you considered it as a personal philosophy not as a religion. But for me that sounds quite dogmatic because, I think, Satan itself is definitely a religious word from the Bible. So I would like to know about your belief in Satanism in detail.
Yes, Satan is word from bible but I don¢¥t believe in it¢¥s personal existence just like I don¢¥t believe in god. To me Satan represents all those sins that are invented by christians and everything that is bad and dangerous in their opinion. For me all those things are the ones that makes life worth living¡¦ I don¢¥t call myself Satanist because I "want to be Satanist and therefore think and act like that". It¢¥s just something that is natural for me and represents my views and values in life.

- Whenever I listened to your album, I absolutely felt the vein of old 80's thrash metal, especially your mid tempo guitar riffs. Which bands influenced you and Thyrane and who is the main composer?
You are not first one to mention this 80¢¥thing and I can agree with you on this but we really don¢¥t listen so much metal from eighties so it¢¥s not so straight influence, I really don¢¥t know where it comes from. Maybe Kreator could be one reason cos¢¥ me and Blastmor are big fans of that band though we rarely listen to it these days. Blastmor is our main composer.

- It seems to me that music recorded at Tico-Tico studio usually sounds very atmospheric. Considering this, I think your album sounded quite different from any other Tico-tico releases. It sounded far more aggressive and tough. Was this your intension?
Yes, that is really something we were looking for. Dry and rough sound which is quite clear. And that¢¥s what it sounds like. Especially guitar sound is very demanding, even little mistakes can be heard quite easily though there are not many of them.

- Unfortunately, I haven't heard your previous releases. Some people say that your early materials were more primitive than the latest. Do you agree with this opinion of your change?
Well, I can agree that our first release, MCD "Black Harmony" is more primitive than this one, but first album "Symphonies of Infernality" is not that primitive, it¢¥s more symphonic. The sound is a bit worse on those both albums so maybe that¢¥s the reason for this primitive thought.

- I'm quite surprised that how many good Finnish bands are in today's metal scene. I'm curious how Finland. Is. What's the reaction to Black Metal in Finland? Are there as many metalheads in your country as there are bands?
I¢¥m really not that aware of the situation here but I think it¢¥s quite good, people come to gigs and records are bought etc. I think that metal in general is rising here these days.

- Do you have any unknown bands in Finland what you want to recommend?
I think almost every Finnish band is more or less unknown worldwide speaking, except maybe Children of Bodom, Stratovarius and Nightwish. So here is too many bands to mention now. I would like to know here what bands do you know??

- What kind of music do you usually listen to? Do you like any contemporary extreme metal bands from your country or from around the world?
Usually? All kinds of metal. And sometimes something weird ambient like GGFH and sometimes more rocking stuff like Entombed or Spiritual Beggars or Tenebre. Any contemporary extreme metal bands? Yes. Too many to mention.

- I want to know the background of your label change from Woodcut to Spikefarm.
When we released our first full-length album for Woodcut our deal with them ended and at the same time Sami Tenetz was starting his label Spikefarm and he asked if we were interested in signing with him and so we did. Spike is far better than Woodcut cos¢¥it¢¥s more stabile economically. Good example is that Woodcut released Symphonies¡¦ a year after it was recorded. Too long delay.

- What do you think of extreme metal being popular?
Ok for me, though it¢¥s not still that popular what it could be.

- Do you have a blueprint for the next album? What should we expect from it?
Expect more or less natural follow up to The Spirit¡¦At this point is hard to say anything else. Except that it will be recorded in April 2002 at Abyss Studio, Sweden.

- What are your plans for the future? What can we expect form the band Thyrane? Is there a particular goal you have as a band?
Plans for future? Next album and possible European tour this year is our goals at the moment.

- Do you have any special comments to your fans in Korea?
Well, let¢¥s say that "Kuolema Kuittaa Univelat" heh, find out what it means¡¦In the mean time, get our album and you should also visit our website at www.thyrane.cjb.net there is samples from all albums if you want to hear them before buying.Thanks and Hail!